Author: mz_2250

  • W.A. Production – Industrial Textures & FX

    Industrial Texture & FX is live and can be purchased from W.a. Production Website ( ***HERE ***)I’m really proud of how this ended up, the sound you can find in this library is the work of months of research and a lot of analogue gear, when W.a. Production reached me to propose me this project […]

  • Il profumo delle pagine – Feltrinelli Editore

    I’m happy to announce that the theme song for “MAREMOSSO” Magazine by Feltrinelli Editore is live now. I’ve teamed up with Laura Salvi (aka Lorr) to compose and arrange this song. The song Can be listened here:La canzone di Maremosso ( mz2250

  • Karanyi Sounds – Minipol

    During this Summer I was involved as one of the selected artists from Karanyi Sounds for the process of presets making. Minipol is a really good sounding vst/au plugin mimicking analogue synths sounds.

  • Connessioni 21

    On June 19th I’ll be the moderator for the talk at “Connessioni 21” in Milan, an Italian event about modular, electronic music and new musical technologies.The entire event will be available on the internet in the following days. If you are in Milan you can attend the live event at “Ride Milano” from 02:00 p.m […]

  • Uno Synth Pro – Bo Beats Demo including mz2250 Presets

    I was pleased to watch this New BoBeats Video which features extensive use of the presets I’ve made for IK Multimedia. Being involved in such a good products was a joy. Check Uno Synth Pro on Ik Multimedia Website It is also really interesting seeing how another person interacts with my presets since we are […]

  • Agogô by JolinLab – Presented in Stereo

    I met for the first time Federico and Pedro aka JolinLab in 2019, I’ve reached JolinLab to modify one of my pedals with additional Cv Input, at that time they were prototyping their First Module Tabor. Since that day we developed a strong friendship and a collaboration. I immediately started hanging out in their lab, […]

  • Tabør available on Pusherman and some News

    You always have to be happy for your friends success but this time I’m not only happy but also joyfull !!! I’m a good friend with Federico and Pedro from Jolin Lab and this is a milestone for their brand.I’m happy to congratulate with them for this.Also I’m taking this event to announce that I’ve […]

  • Plugin Alliance SVT VR Classic – it’s all about the bass

    Plugin Alliance started this January with a great Free Addition for all of us. They release the new SVT VR Classic Plugin, a superb emulation of Ampeg classic Bass Head SVT Vintage Reissue.

  • How to sound like “Cactus ambient music” without bankruptcy – using Puremagnetik

    How to sound like “Cactus ambient music” without bankruptcy – using Puremagnetik

    Modular can be tough, both on your wallet and on your “musical gratification”. I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook recently from people who downsize their systems. I’ve asked the OP why he’s downsizing and he told me “financial”, that’s down the first point, but an answer I’ve received to my comment rung a bell to me:

  • 5 reason I switched from Pro Tools to Reaper – and are not the most common

    We need to face it, Pro Tools is still a standard in professional audio production. I worked with multiple artists and in different situations and I always ended up in one way or another using Avid Pro Tools…