who am I ?

I started playing music instruments since young age, life leaded me to start with guitar, so after high school I’ve decided to attend Milan’s Conservatory where I’ve obtained a degree in Composition and Orchestral Conduction.
Parallel to that I’ve digged deep in the rabbit hole of sound desing and synthesis so I’ve collected a fairly nice ammount of synth including ( and now predominantly ) Eurorack.

During my graduation I’ve started to work in music for video, I’ve done some commercial, some sound brand sound design and all that stuff, later I’ve started working in corporate as post production specialist and Music Consultat which is my role now.

Why this website?

I wanted to share both my portfolio and to share knowledge and things that I find interesting so is a mixture of a blog and a portfolio, my public/private space on the web

What can I find in this website?

Articles, sounds, tips and tricks, my works, also I will share some content for you to download

Do you have a portoflio?

Yes, you can reach it here : Portfolio