Agogô by JolinLab – Presented in Stereo

I met for the first time Federico and Pedro aka JolinLab in 2019, I’ve reached JolinLab to modify one of my pedals with additional Cv Input, at that time they were prototyping their First Module Tabor.

Since that day we developed a strong friendship and a collaboration. I immediately started hanging out in their lab, and I’ve been part of the beta testing of Tabor, of which I’m a proud owner of the first DIY version available.

You can find more videos about Tabor in my channel and read some articles here on my blog.

Later came Agogô, and I’ve seen this module born. Federico gave me a unit to test and to explore its features and later we decided to record some videos in the Lab, where I was able to use three copies of this gem simultaneously!

With the help of a Joystick Agogô is capable of morphing sources in the stereo field, opening up a lot of opportunities in the spatial exploration of sound.

Agogô by JolinLab – Presented in Stereo by mz_2250 Recorded at JolinLab laboratory this performance video enlight stereo features of Agogô by JolinLab.






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