How to sound like “Cactus ambient music” without bankruptcy – using Puremagnetik

Modular can be tough, both on your wallet and on your “musical gratification”.
I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook recently from people who downsize their systems.
I’ve asked the OP why he’s downsizing and he told me “financial”, that’s down the first point, but an answer I’ve received to my comment rung a bell to me:

File batch converter – Reaper Wild Cards explained

Let’s immagine this scenario, you’ve to convert like 50+ audio items for your hardware sampler which use 16bit 44.1khz samples. You can now hit solo on each and bounce every track one after the other, chose the correct extension, sample rate and bitrate. Well, that’s time consuming, let’s think a different approach, you can use… Continue reading File batch converter – Reaper Wild Cards explained

Three Patches with Tabør – with patch diagrams

Using Eurorack modular system we all want to achieve organicity in sound and behaviour.

Since when I’ve acquired Tabør by Jolin Lab I’ve changed my perception in organicity in Eurorack modules.
I feel like with its squelching noisy voice it’s alive, breathing and screaming.

Modal Argon 8 – 8 Months later.

There’s something about “standard synths” that don’t click anymore with me since years. When I moved to eurorack my fellow hardware synthesizer falled one after the other, the point was I wanted modules and I wanted more. A fixed structure lead to limitations that some people find attractive and I don’t BUT…. I’ve acquired an… Continue reading Modal Argon 8 – 8 Months later.