News on 7Soundware and this new Website

I’ve uploaded all of my products on this website, both 7soundware stuff both the collaborative Brand with Veezo as Stay Safe Smpls.

This post is just a clarification for loyal costumers since 7Soundware days.
From now on, except for Stay Safe Smpls stuff, I’ll release everything under my name, as mz2250.
Mainly for two reasons, I would like to develop a more human approach to my production, and I’ve decided to release everything “in person”.

For ones of you that already know me this would not be a big surprise, since I’ve also developed with some of you friendly email exchange, but with newcomers, I would love to share a new approach on the matter.

I think the blog part is important because I can share with you also the development of those products, and show that behind a simple device or audio library there’s a person who works hard on it even if sometimes is not so remunerative.

The second reason is that I want to hear from you what can be improved and changed, and I think that with a more “Personal” approach, the barriers will come down.

Now I need to thank everyone who stayed since day one and welcome everyone who doesn’t know me yet.




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