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  • Il profumo delle pagine – Feltrinelli Editore

    I’m happy to announce that the theme song for “MAREMOSSO” Magazine by Feltrinelli Editore is live now. I’ve teamed up with Laura Salvi (aka Lorr) to compose and arrange this song. The song Can be listened here:La canzone di Maremosso ( mz2250

  • File batch converter – Reaper Wild Cards explained

    Let’s immagine this scenario, you’ve to convert like 50+ audio items for your hardware sampler which use 16bit 44.1khz samples. You can now hit solo on each and bounce every track one after the other, chose the correct extension, sample rate and bitrate. Well, that’s time consuming, let’s think a different approach, you can use…

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  • 7Soundware – From the archive

    Here’s a collection of samples which never made it into production. Not enough big to be a sample pack nor a Kontakt Library but enough interesting to share and use. This little archive consist of two parts: – Rotodrum Samples: an high quality sampled Handmade Snare both from top and bottom with dynamic and condenser…

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