Patch diagram – Ring Didgeridoo

I like drawing patch diagrams, it can help you to better visualize your modular and explore things with a different approach.
Recently I’m sharing a lot of patches with a friend so I thought why not?

Here’s a simple but yet powerful patch simulating a Didgeridoo.
A single source patch based around ring modulation.
The phasing effect simulates the harmonic movement of a Didgeridoo.
Can be also tried with a single rectifier and other kinds of filters, to explore different sound possibilities.

The goal was a deeper exploration of ring modulation. Used a lot during the experimental era of electronic music and now forgotten. For further dev. you can also try slew the signal from another vco and use a network of multiples rectifiers. The suggested vco rate is low, to mimic Didgeridoo sound, but, you can also try higher notes to get alternative sounds.

You can also download a pdf version of this patch, I would love to see and hear variations of it !!






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