Free Supercollider code of the month – January

With this month I’ll start a new column with Free code on Supercollider.
As I am learning new things on the software I would love to share patches and codes by growing complexity.

(\blip, {
	arg out;
	var freq, trig, sig;
	freq =,1200).round(300);
	sig = * 0.25;
	trig =;
	sig = sig *, 0.2), trig);,sig);

(\reverb, {
	arg in, out=0;
	var sig;
	sig =,1);
	sig =, 0.5, 0.8, 0.2)!2;, sig);

y =\reverb, [\in, 2]);
x =\blip, [\out,2]);

Just copy and paste in your Supercollider editor the code and validate the two SynthDef, then validate the last two lines in order.
This is code is free to share but I will appreciate mentions.
Feel also free to comment below.






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