Wogglemod 1.0

When I’ve started 7soundware my core was on KSP learning and library making, during that journey I’ve also decided to share my max4live devices.
Here’s one of the most successful, with 1k download on max4live website.

It was a fun little modulation device, based around Wiard/Ritcher Wogglebug random modules, with 3 flavors of random:

-Wiggly : less pronounced more subtle fluctuating random
-Woggle: more curved and pronounced fluctuating random
-Square: that is a simple Square random 

the gui

In addition to that you there’s min and max with excursion buttons, little is best for % modulation destination, more is an all purpose range and extended is intended for parameters like filter cutoff , that require an higher excursion of min and max knobs !

You have a map Button so you can map it to whatever parameter you want in Ableton Live, click map to link it to a parameter of your choice and double click the X for unlink.
(Map function is an adaptation of maxforlive Lfo included in Ableton)

Here’s a direct download link to try out wogglemod.
And if you find it usefull please let me know.






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