Stay Safe Smpls – ’80s

80’s Were way Better

’80s were good, we all know but they were also better than everything!

A collection of loops and sounds from the 80’s era with a nice new grip, you can SMASH da sHiT out of It with our smash function mapped to the modwheel , so you can have the 80’s but nastier !!!

We’ve Sampled all the vintage goodies that everyone wants !

Moog basses, Roland leads , Vintage drum machines you Name it, we’ve sampled it !

“SO snort a bit of that magic powder, put your mirror glass on and prepare for the 80’s ” or whatever bullshit comes to mind with 80’s stuff!

Audio Demo

  1. Blue Tuesday 0:40
  2. Lets Boogie 0:22
  3. Naples Connection 0:22
  4. Worst Italian Era 0:22


  • Kontakt Full version 5.4 or more
  • 2.8gb of Free space

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Full Version – 69.99€