7 Soundware – Warped Delay

Add vinyl sounding delay to your chain

Warped Delay is a Wobbly Lo-fi tape delay simulation, it can add substrates of pitch change to your delay or can go extreme act like  a Sample and Hold Delay or get  that Tape/Vinyl wow and flutter Delay effect.

A Lo-fi Dream, you can alter, wreck, shatter modulate and truly animate your sound.

It can sound like a tape or a vinyl in pristine or completelly destroyed condition, or you can simulate a vibrato effect like that old blue vibrato stompbox from japan, or even add a sample and hold line to a vocal or a piano.

Warped Delay is the key to modulated pitch alteration of your delay.

Audio Demo

  1. Pad-o-rama (Dry Synth) 0:50
  2. Pad-o-rama (Wet Synth) 0:50
  3. Sample and Hold Warping (WET Synth) 0:46
  4. Sample and Hold Warping (Dry Synth) 0:46
  5. Sample and Hold Warping 0:46
  6. warp my nu Jazz ( Wet Rhodes) 0:39
  7. warp my nu Jazz ( Dry Rhodes) 0:42
  8. warp my nu Jazz 0:42


  • Ableton Live 9 or more
  • Max for Live
  • Alternative: Full Max/Msp 8

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Full Version 4.99€


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