7 Soundware – String theory

String Theory is a series of Kontakt Instruments based on guitar samples, D.i. Tele is the first release of this series.

We sampled a Fender Telecaster directly into the computer with 3 main articulations :

• Sustain

• Palm Mutes

• Natural Harmonics

In this way we obtained the raw sound of the guitar, then we processed the samples to expand the sonic possibilities of unprocessed samples.

The processed sound is divided into 3 main groups:

• Bounce

• Counterpoint

• Air

Bounce reproduces the bouncing (or striking) sound of the strings, this is the most powerful and aggressive sound of the instrument.

Counterpoint, this group can give you counterpoint lines on different octaves and can really add depth and movement to the instrument with loads of counterpoint lines and high pitched sounds.

The last group is Air, as you notice Air has only one articulation Sustain; Air is the looping part of our instrument, you can add shimmer to a chord or simulate

feedback in conjunction with the Effects provided on the Effects page.

Mentioned just above the Effects Page is the complementary part of the Sample Engine, here we have 4 different effects to shape your sound and stimulate your creativity.

String Theory – 19.99€