7 Soundware – Pitch Shifted Delay

Pitch Shifting Delay

Pitch shifted delay is a Delay effect based around a Buffer to alter the pitch of the repetitions.

You can tune it to every interval you want and even arrive at granularized Delay lines, everything in a very Lo-fi style reminiscent of early 90’s sampling delay stompboxes.

You can obtain octave up, octave down, two-octave up, reverse and any interval you want.

We’ve also added two random sections, one for strutter fx and one for randomizing pitch and length.

7soundware – Pitch shifted delay can even obtain a granular sound for your delay line and since the delay effect is independent of the pitch-shifting section you can choose the blend factor between the two effects.

Audio Demo:

  1. Electric octaves (reverse) pitch shifted delay 0:11
  2. Electric octaves (2 oct Up) pitch shifted delay 0:12
  3. Electric octaves ( 1oct up) pitch shifted delay 0:12
  4. Electric octaves ( 1oct down) pitch shifted delay 0:12


  • Ableton Live 9 or more
  • Max for Live
  • Alternative: Full version of Max/Msp 8

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